7 Exclusive Reasons to Build a Ford Early Bronco

The early Ford Bronco, an iconic symbol of rugged individuality and adventurous spirit, holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. This off-road legend, which made its debut in 1966 and continued to make waves until 1977, has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity. And for those who are passionate about restoring these beauties to their former glory, or even modernizing them with contemporary engine upgrades, Kincer Chassis has exactly what you need.

Building a Bronco can be a big purchase and at Kincer Chassis, we want to create a place where you feel safe to ask questions because we know that talking about vehicles can feel a little intimidating but we believe everyone should have the opportunity to drive the Bronco of their dreams!


Build a Ford Bronco 1966 Classic Ford Bronco

Photo Credit : ClassicFordBroncos.com

Bronco Engine Options – Then and Now:

The original Ford Bronco came with a range of engine options. When Ford originally released the base model, it was powered by a 170 CID straight-6, which was later upgraded to a 200 CID version. For those needing more power, Ford also offered a 289 CID V8, which the 302 CID V8 replaced. 


Coyote Engine

Today, the engines you can fit into a Bronco restoration project are even more exciting. A popular choice is the Ford Coyote engine, a 5.0L V8 that’s synonymous with modern power and efficiency. It’s the perfect answer if you’re looking to combine the Bronco’s classic aesthetic with a contemporary performance under the hood. 

Cummins Diesel

A diesel engine is another viable option for those looking for an alternative. Known for its incredible torque and fuel efficiency it could turn your Bronco into a true off-roading powerhouse.

You can purchase a Coyote or diesel engine straight from us and it’s much easier because we know exactly what you need to make it work in your Bronco.

Bronco Build and Price

What you choose here will affect the build and price and final cost. Your engine is an important part of your Ford Bronco Build. If you have questions before you start your build we’d be happy to answer them. We’ve heard of people getting sticker shock when they see a price online. That’s why it’s always good to contact us and get more details about what you’re looking for!

We want to deliver a product that we know you’ll be happy with and can pass down for generations to come!

Build a Bronco using the Adventure Series Early Bronco Chassis

Option To Build A Bronco – From Scratch to Fully Assembled:

When it comes to building your own Ford Bronco, Kincer Chassis offers several options. For the hands-on enthusiast, there’s the option to start from scratch with a frame or the Freeway Series chassis. This allows you to have complete control over every aspect of your build, down to the smallest detail. 

Fully Assembled Rolling Chassis

Prefer a head start? We offer a fully assembled rolling chassis.

These are essentially Broncos without the body, featuring custom suspension, and axles as well as powertrain options like a fully built engine, transmission, transfer case and all of the goodies to make it fit in your Early Bronco.. All you need to do is to add a painted body and interior and any finishing touches you desire.

Early Bronco Tub Body from Dennis Carpenter

Photo Credit : Dennis Carpenter

Body Options – Restoration to Replacement:

When it comes to an aftermarket body for your Bronco build, Dennis Carpenter is your go-to company. 

They specialize in Early Bronco bodies and are licensed by Ford to manufacture them. You can be assured of the quality and authenticity of the parts you’re receiving. 

They offer two models for your Bronco!

Bronco Body with Stock Lower Quarters

The stock Bronco bodies feature the original style lower quarter panels for that classic uncut look. They all come with hinged and mounted left and right doors and a windshield frame.

Bronco Body with Flared Lower Quarters

This rear fender design allows the accommodation of larger wheels without cutting the rear fender. Each of their bodies comes with hinged and mounted left and right doors, as well as a windshield frame, making the building process easier.

Making a Statement: Choosing Wheels and Tires for Your Bronco

If you want to make your Bronco stand out, your choice of wheels and tires can make a significant difference and can dramatically change the overall look and performance of your Bronco.

Whether you’re aiming for a robust, off-road beast that still works as a daily driver or a Lifted Uncut Bronco Restomod (LUBR) that exudes classic charm, your choice of wheels and tires will be key.

Go Off-Road in your Classic Ford Bronco without the roof

Photo Credit : ClassicFordBroncos.com

Go Off-Road

The combination of a lift kit in your Ford Bronco Build, paired with large off-road tires, can transform your Bronco into an imposing force ready to tackle any terrain. Larger tires typically have deeper treads and more durable construction, making them perfect for those who plan to use their Bronco for off-road adventures. Having your Bronco sport a lift kit not only allows room for your bigger tires but also provides increased ground clearance, further enhancing the Bronco’s off-road capabilities. 

Pair the lifted Bronco and big tires with some offroad bumpers and it’s sure to be a head-turner too!

Tires are More Than For Looks

Your choice of wheels and tires is not merely about looks—it’s also about performance and utility. Aiming for more time in the great outdoors, cruising the city streets, or a bit of both? Understanding this will help determine your trim and gear decisions and ensure that your Bronco is as practical as it is striking. No matter what you choose, your wheels and tires are sure to make a statement and upgrade your ride.

7 Reasons You Should Build a Classic Bronco

Historical Significance: 

The early Ford Bronco is a piece of automotive history. The building or rebuilding of a Ford Bronco allows you to preserve this historic Ford vehicle and experience the joy of driving a true classic.

If it takes you getting behind the wheel of one before you make your decision, schedule a time to visit the shop! We promise you won’t regret it!


When you rebuild a Bronco, you have the opportunity to tailor it to your specific tastes and needs. Whether it’s a high-performance engine, a unique paint job, or a customized interior, the options are virtually limitless. We’ve seen some great builds bring back the Bronco how it looked originally but we’ve also seen some awesome builds add technology that really takes the Classic Bronco up a notch. 

Performance Upgrades

With modern technology, you can enhance your Bronco’s performance far beyond what was originally possible. Imagine the thrill of driving a classic Bronco equipped with a powerful Coyote engine. Small touches and features you can now choose will make a huge difference in the way your Bronco drives.

Value Appreciation

Classic Broncos, particularly those that have been well-restored or customized, are highly sought after. A well-executed rebuild could not only be a fun project, but a smart investment as well.

Family Bonding

Rebuilding an early Bronco can be an incredible opportunity for family bonding. Working on the project together offers the chance to spend quality time, share skills, and can be a gateway to creating lasting memories. When you’re finished building the Bronco, take the roof off and fill those seats! Go family road-tripping in the great outdoors or weekend cruising to add to the shared experiences. This process of creation and enjoyment can bring a family closer together, all while building something tangible to represent their collective effort.

The Challenge

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from taking on a big project and seeing it through to the end. If you enjoy problem-solving, details, and hands-on work, rebuilding a Bronco could be an incredibly rewarding experience.


The world of classic car restoration is a vibrant community. When you rebuild a Bronco, you’re not just working on a car—you’re joining a group of passionate enthusiasts who can offer advice, share experiences, and celebrate your successes with you. You’re in good company!

Searching for a Classic Bronco:

There’s no denying the thrill of the hunt when you’re on the search for a vintage Ford Bronco – it’s like searching for treasure. Sifting through listings, visiting a dealership, or attending car shows is all part of the adventure. However, finding an early Ford Bronco in good condition can prove challenging. These vehicles are often in high demand, and many have either been snatched up by other enthusiasts or have succumbed to the wear and tear of time.

Not All Broncos Are Equal

Some may have been meticulously maintained, while others may have suffered from neglect or poor-quality modifications. Evaluating the condition of a classic Bronco requires a keen eye and a good knowledge of these vehicles. This process can be time-consuming and, at times, frustrating, but it’s a necessary step to ensure you’re investing in a Bronco that’s worth your time and money.

Starting from Scratch:

If the search proves too daunting, there’s an exciting alternative: starting from scratch. With our range of Ford licensed custom chassis options and Dennis Carpenter providing authorized Ford bodies, it’s possible to build your own Bronco SUV from the ground up and save a ton of time. This approach allows you to sidestep the potential pitfalls of purchasing a used vehicle and incurring a bunch of additional costs, for things like hidden damage or mechanical issues.

Building a Bronco from scratch offers opportunities for customization. Every component, from the engine to the exterior paint job and trim, can be chosen to match your wants and needs. 

The Bronco of Your Dreams

Whether you’re aiming for a faithful restoration or a modernized classic, starting from scratch allows you to create the Bronco of your dreams. While it might feel like a large project, the end result — a Bronco that’s uniquely yours — is worth the effort.


Building or restoring an early Ford Bronco is no small task, but we’re doing everything we can to make the journey that much easier. Whether you’re looking to recreate the magic of the original, or you’re after a modern spin on this classic, the possibilities are as vast as the open road itself. 

Ready to save time and money or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Start your Bronco adventure today on our website, and feel the exhilaration of bringing a classic brand back to life.

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