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Kincer Chassis Adventure Series Coil Over Chassis for Ford Early Bronco


Our 2WD to 4WD Conversion Kits for 1965 to 1979 F-Series Ford Trucks give your truck a new lease on life, making it a versatile, all-terrain machine. You can navigate rough trails, go off-roading, tackle challenging weather conditions, or just make your truck a little more useful and less likely to get stuck—all with the same classic Ford that you love.  Use your truck as a truck!

2WD to 4WD Conversion Kits for Ford F-Series Trucks 1975 Ford on Farm

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Our Early Bronco Chassis and Early Bronco Frames are made to last for generations. We want your Classic Ford Bronco to be something that can be handed down for years to come.

Early Bronco Chassis

Early Bronco Freeway Series Chassis Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis

Our frame plus our axles and suspension – powder coated and fully assembled.

We give you the ability to choose your engine, transmission, and suspension – which will not only allow you to build the ride you want but build the ride to take you where you want to go.

Early Bronco Frames


The basic structure that underlies or supports a chassis.

 We’ve simplified frame replacement by using mandrel bent rectangular frame rails, eliminating chassis flex. We’re able to use all of your factory Bronco body, bumper, and suspension mount locations.

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Measuring around 152.1 inches in overall length, the Early Bronco was designed for agility and ease of maneuverability.  The wheelbase was around 92 inches.  Obviously adding a front bumper or rear bumper with a tire carrier will add to the length of your Bronco....

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Kincer Chassis Builds Legendary Early Bronco Chassis for Jay Leno

Jay Leno, of the TV show Jay Leno’s Garage, assembled a team of automotive all-stars – including Kincer Chassis – to update his classic 1968 U15 Ford Bronco Wagon, which was on display at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

The Best In Classic Bronco Chassis

We offer unparalleled quality and the ability to customize your chassis to fit your lifestyle and budget. See the mountains? We can help you get there.

Early Bronco Chassis Adventure Series by Kincer Chassis 24

Blue Early Bronco with a modern drive by Kincer Chassis

Modern Day Ride, Classic Look

This Early Bronco looks like a classic, but it doesn’t drive like one. Why? Because the modern suspension and drivetrain underneath it are nothing like the original equipment. Featuring modern suspension option, custom axles, and four-wheel disc brakes, Kincer Chassis delivers a confident driving experience that rivals modern SUVs.

Kincer Chassis products are Made in America

Attention to Detail

Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality, best-fitting, most fun-to-own speciality Early Bronco chassis in the business. Our products are designed for people who value quality and appreciate attention to detail like we do. If you haven’t seen our products in person, we urge you to visit us at a show or stop by our shop.

Kincer Chassis President Thomas Kincer and team offered great customer service

Customer Service

Our goal is to learn enough about you and your Early Bronco to provide you the product that you need while incorporating all of the options that you want. Thomas Kincer speaks with each and every customer directly to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding your build specifications. You will hear from us throughout the build process and are welcome to visit our facilities in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee.

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