Kincer Chassis Products for Ford Broncos and Trucks

Krawlers Edge 304 Stainless Steel Fuel Tank on Lifted Uncut Bronco (LUBR)

23 Gallon Fuel Tank For Early Broncos

Enhance your Bronco with a Kincer Chassis and its Krawlers Edge 23 Gal EFI Fuel Tank, designed for off-road durability with a 340 lph fuel pump, ISSPRO sending unit, and protective skid plate, ensuring efficient, long-lasting performance.

Classic Ford F-Series Truck converted from 2WD to 4WD

2WD to 4WD Conversion Kit for Old Ford F-Series Trucks

We offer 2WD to 4WD conversion kits for Classic Ford F-Series trucks: the Basic Kit for frame conversion, the Advanced Setup including front axle housing and additional components, and the Complete Kit with an assembled front axle and comprehensive features for a full conversion.



Kincer Chassis offers advanced Tractive Suspension upgrades for various 4×4 vehicles, featuring real-time adjustable shocks with the ACE system for enhanced on/off-road performance, compatible with models including Ford Broncos, Jeep Rubicon JL392, Land Rover Defenders, Mercedes G-Class, and Toyota Land Cruisers.

GEN 3 5.0L Coyote Engine M-6007-M50CAUTO


Offering Performance Engines from Ford

Unleash powerful performance with the GEN 3 5.0L COYOTE 460HP Mustang Automatic Transmission Crate Engine, blending advanced 32-valve V-8 technology, dual fuel injection, and enhanced compression for exceptional power and efficiency.

01. Power Output:

460 horsepower @ 7000 rpm and 420 ft.-lb. of torque @ 4600 rpm

02. Expert Support:

Our team of Bronco and Coyote engine experts provide unparalleled knowledge of your Ford Bronco and the Coyote motor and can walk you through everything you need for a Coyote swap.

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At Kincer Chassis, we’re the go-to choice for classic Ford Bronco builders and DIY restorers.

Why? We’ve got a knack for blending modern tech with vintage style.

Our chassis makes upgrading engines and adding new features a breeze. Plus, they’re built to boost your Bronco’s road performance and value.

Think of us as a mix of old-school cool and new-age smarts – perfect for taking your Bronco project to the next level.

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