Classic Bronco Builders Choose Kincer Chassis (7 Reasons Why)

The Ford Bronco is a legendary SUV that has stood the test of time, an icon among those who dream of going off-road, camping with their friends and family, creating memories that will never be forgotten, and strapping a surfboard to the top and hitting the beach. It’s no wonder everyone wants one and no wonder why classic Bronco builders are choosing Kincer Chassis!

With so many companies specializing in Classic Ford Bronco restorations and custom builds for sale, there’s never been a better time to own one of these beauties. But what sets a Bronco apart? The chassis. And when it comes to the Bronco chassis that everyone is choosing, Kincer Chassis leads the pack.

Classic Bronco Builders Choose Kincer Chassis

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f you’re starting a classic Ford Bronco restoration or customization project at home, you understand the importance of choosing the right chassis. It’s the backbone of your Bronco build, providing the foundation for your dream ride.

Who Builds Ford Broncos?

Classic Ford Broncos hold a special place in people’s hearts. I can remember seeing them in movies and TV shows and thinking they were the coolest truck I’d ever seen. I dreamt of one day having one of my own truck!

The classic Bronco community includes all kinds of people who take on Bronco building projects. Vintage Broncos can be seen getting ice cream downtown, dropping kids off at weekend soccer games and practices, or even crushing it at King of the Hammers.

From dedicated DIY enthusiasts to experienced restoration shops, the Bronco’s timeless appeal knows no bounds today. Whether you’re restoring a Bronco to its original glory or customizing it to match your unique style, today there’s a builder out there ready to bring your vision to life.

Drive Your Early Bronco as a Daily Driver

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What to Look for in an Early Bronco Builder

Choosing the right Bronco builder can make or break your restoration project. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Experience: Look for builders with a proven track record and experience in working with classic Broncos.
  • Reputation: Research the builder’s reputation through reviews, referrals, and testimonials.
  • Quality of Work: Examine their past projects to ensure they meet your expectations.
  • Reviews: It’s always smart to try to find some previous customers to talk to. You can learn a lot from other people’s experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Does a Bronco Hold Its Value?

One of the compelling reasons to build a classic Bronco is the potential for a sound investment. These iconic vehicles have gained considerable value in the collector’s market, making them attractive assets.

A well-maintained and customized Bronco can appreciate significantly in value over time, providing both driving enjoyment and financial rewards. Everyone likes the idea that the truck they are driving is going up in value as they use it!

Are Classic Ford Broncos Still in High Demand?

The enduring popularity of Ford Broncos remains strong, both among dedicated enthusiasts and the broader automotive market. Their timeless design features, off-road capabilities, reliability and versatility continue to captivate the hearts of adventure seekers and collectors alike. Early Broncos have continued to be popular since they released in 1966!

Why It’s Good to Build a Bronco

Building a Bronco offers a range of personal and practical benefits. It’s an opportunity to create a vehicle that reflects your unique style and preferences in life. Additionally, a well-built Bronco can offer potential financial benefits when it comes to selling or trading your cherished creation.

What to Look for in an Early Bronco Builder

How to Make a Classic Bronco Better on Highways

While classic Broncos excel off-road, improving their on-road performance is a common goal for these vehicles for many builders. A reliable chassis, like the ones we offer, plays a crucial role in enhancing your Bronco’s highway manners. With the right upgrades and modifications, you can transform your classic Bronco into a comfortable and capable cruiser for those long highway journeys. And our chassis is made to fit perfectly with aftermarket Bronco bodies!


7 Reasons Why Classic Bronco Builders Choose Kincer Chassis

  1. Customer Service Excellence: At Kincer Chassis, customers are a priority. The team is committed to providing personalized service and expert advice, ensuring builders have everything they need for a successful build.
  2. Proven Track Record: Kincer Chassis boasts an impressive track record, having manufactured hundreds of Bronco chassis over the years. Our experience and expertise in crafting reliable foundations for Broncos sets us apart in the industry.
  3. Time and Cost Savings: Choosing Kincer Chassis eliminates the guesswork and rework that can come with other chassis options. Builders save both time and money by opting for a chassis that just works, without the hassle of figuring things out on their own. We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  4. Hassle-Free Integration of New Engines and Technology: If you’re looking to upgrade your Bronco with a modern engine and technology, we make the process seamless. We’ve done the hard work for you. Our chassis is designed to accommodate these enhancements, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds—the classic appeal of your Bronco and the features and performance of modern technology.
  5. Versatility for Custom Builds and Restorations: Kincer Chassis is versatile, catering to both custom Bronco builds and authentic restorations. Whether you’re seeking to recreate the past or put your unique stamp on your Bronco, their chassis provides the flexibility you need.
  6. Enhanced Resale Value: The quality and reputation associated with Kincer Chassis can significantly boost the resale value of your truck. Broncos built on a Kincer Chassis hold their value well, making them a smart investment for builders and collectors alike.
  7. Improved Highway Performance: If you plan to enjoy your classic Bronco on the highway, Kincer Chassis delivers a better driving experience. With superior handling and stability, you can cruise confidently on highways and enjoy your Bronco to the fullest.
Customer Service Excellence at Kincer Chassis Early Bronco Chassis

Where to Source Parts and Accessories for Classic Broncos

Making sure you have the right parts and accessories is key to your Bronco project’s success. We partner with for our Bronco parts and accessories. They offer a range of products to enhance your Bronco build’s performance, style, and functionality – like the popular 23-gallon fuel tank. The commitment to quality aligns perfectly with the standards set by Kincer Chassis.

What Are the Most Popular Bronco Modifications?

To make your Bronco truly your own, consider popular modifications such as suspension lifts, tire upgrades, off-road lighting options, interior enhancements, and engine upgrades. These modifications can improve your vehicle, performance and aesthetics and give you a better drive, allowing you to tailor your Bronco to your specific needs and preferences.

How to Maintain a Classic Bronco?

Once your Bronco is built or restored to your satisfaction, proper maintenance is key to preserving its condition and value. Regular inspections, oil changes, brake maintenance, and rust prevention are essential tasks to keep your classic Bronco running smoothly for years to come.


When you’re building a custom Ford Bronco, choosing the right chassis is a big decision and one that we don’t take lightly. We work hard to stand out as the preferred choice for builders who demand excellence, reliability, and versatility. 

With a proven track record, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to delivering top-quality chassis, Kincer Chassis is the foundation on which your Bronco dreams become reality. Explore everything we offer at and embark on your classic Bronco journey with confidence. 

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a first-timer, the road ahead is full of possibilities, and your classic Bronco awaits its transformation into a timeless masterpiece.

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