Classic Bronco Bodies and Body Kit (1966-1977 Ford Bronco)

When it comes to restoring or building a Ford Bronco, classic Bronco bodies are a crucial component. It has the vintage design that you love. The one that will get you a lot of thumbs-ups at stoplights and gas stations but the years might not have been so kind to it.

Often referred to as a Bronco tub, Bronco body kit, reproduction body, Bronco shell, or even retro Bronco body, this key piece forms the very foundation of your Bronco build.

Even though it’s called many things, they all mean the same thing – you’re looking for a new body for your vintage Bronco!

In this post, I’m going to demystify the world of early Bronco bodies and help you find a way to jumpstart your retro Bronco build.

Dennis Carpenter Classic Bronco Bodies

What Was The Original Bronco Body Made Of?

The original Bronco body was made from steel, a robust material known for its durability and strength. It was tough and meant to handle both wild terrains and casual cruising. The sturdy construction made it ideal for rough terrains, ensuring the Bronco could withstand all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Why Would You Need A New Bronco Shell?

There are several reasons why you might need a new Bronco body. Perhaps your existing body has suffered extensive rust or damage, or maybe you’re starting a new build from scratch.

Whatever the reason, a new body can breathe fresh life into an old Bronco, restoring its former glory and ensuring it’s ready for many more years of service.

 The Dennis Carpenter Bronco Bodies

Our partner, Dennis Carpenter, offers top-notch Bronco bodies that are all steel construction and proudly assembled in the USA. Both our chassis and their Bronco bodies are an Officially Licensed Product by Ford, so you can be assured of their quality and authenticity.

These bodies mount to original or reproduction frames, providing an easy starting point for your early Bronco build. At Kincer Chassis, we’ve worked hard with them to make sure that everything works seamlessly with our Bronco frames and chassis. If you’re looking for an easy way to get a huge headstart on your build, this is the way to go. Get a rolling chassis with a powertrain package from us and a body from Dennis Carpenter and you’re well on your way to having a completely restored Ford Bronco.

You can get a Bronco body with stock lower quarters for $15,595 or a body with flared lower quarters for only $15,895.

The stock Bronco bodies feature the original style lower quarter panels for that classic uncut look. Their flared Bronco bodies feature lower quarter panels that were made to match the size and shape of how we think Ford would have done it from the factory. This allows you to run larger wheels without cutting and adding fender flares. All of the Ford Bronco bodies from Dennis Carpenter come with hinged and mounted left and right doors and windshield frame.

Does the vintage Bronco body kit work with the original parts?

Yes. These Ford Bronco tubs and body kits work with both original Ford parts as well as after-market Bronco parts like the ones from Krawlers Edge. All these things can work together to help you build a Bronco that is ready for daily driving!

Bronco Body Kit Fits on Kincer Chassis and OEM Frame

Mounts on Frame or Chassis using Factory Body Mount Locations

The Dennis Carpenter Bronco body kit uses to the original spots where the Bronco body mounts to the frame, which means it fits just right. If you’re pairing it with a Kincer frame or one of our Early Bronco chassis, it’s going to align perfectly. It’s basically like putting puzzle pieces together that are meant for each other. Makes the whole setup way smoother and your sanity will thank you!

Shipping of Your Bronco Tub

Dennis Carpenter prioritizes the safe transportation of your Bronco tub. To ensure it remains undamaged during shipment and when being removed from the shipping platform, they construct a robust steel shipping platform along with an internal structure. This platform plays a crucial role in not only transporting but also supporting the Bronco body prior to its mounting on a frame.

How Is The Body Welded Together?

The bodies are expertly welded together primarily using Pro Spot i5 Smart spot welders, ensuring a solid construction that will stand the test of time. This robust welding process ensures the body is strong and durable, ready for whatever the road (or off-road) throws at it.

Can You Get A Fiberglass Body?

Yes, you can get a fiberglass body. However, we believe in the strength and durability of steel. While fiberglass is lighter and resistant to rust, steel offers superior strength and longevity, making it the material of choice for many Bronco enthusiasts.

Why Choose Steel Over Fiberglass?

While fiberglass bodies are lighter and don’t rust, they lack the rigidity and toughness of steel. Steel bodies are more robust, providing better protection in the event of an accident. They also give a more authentic feel, replicating the original Bronco’s look and feel.

Vintage 4 Door Bronco Dennis Carpenter Body Kit with a Custom Kincer Chassis

Is there a 4-door Early Bronco body?

Yes! The 4-door vintage Bronco body is a marvel in the world of classic car restoration. This design extends the traditional 2-door Bronco, incorporating two additional body mounts and a transfer case skid plate for added stability and support. The expanded structure allows for more interior space without compromising the Bronco’s iconic aesthetic and performance.

It’s the perfect blend of classic design and modern functionality, offering you an opportunity to experience the timeless appeal of the 50+-year-old Early Bronco design with the added convenience of four doors.

The 4-door vintage Bronco body is a testimony to the enduring charm of the Ford Bronco, adapting to contemporary needs while staying true to its roots.


When it comes to choosing a Bronco body, we think there’s no better place than Dennis Carpenter. Their all-steel bodies are made with precision, ensuring a perfect fit with our frames and chassis at Kincer Chassis.

This perfect match makes building an early Bronco a smooth and enjoyable process. So why wait? Start your Bronco build today, and experience the joy of driving a classic Ford Bronco that’s been brought back to life with quality, care, and a passion for excellence.

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