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Kincer Chassis Adventure Series Coil-Over Rolling Chassis for Ford Early Bronco

Learn more about our Adventure Series Early Bronco coil-over rolling chassis.

We built the best street and trail ride in a Classic Bronco with our custom 4-link coil-over suspension. Standard options include our fabricated axles, front/rear sway bars, and Wilwood disc brakes. Offered only as a completely assembled, powder coated coil-over rolling chassis.

 Kincer Chassis Frame

  • 2”x 4”x .188” wall thickness, CNC Mandrel Bent frame
  • Completely sealed from the outside elements
  • Allows 2” more clearance inside to inside of frame rail than a stock Bronco frame
  • Two extra crossmembers than a stock Bronco frame
  • 2” body mount build into frame so that no body lift blocks are required
  • Frame horns, front and rear, will also be raised 2” to accommodate for the built in body lift
  • Sway bar front and rear mounts integrated into frame
  • Custom suspension mounts
  • SBF V8/5.0 Coyote engine perches
  • Chrome bumpers will be direct bolt-on/aftermarket bumper mounts may need slight modification depending on manufacturer
  • Sandblasted and powder coated

Learn more about Kincer Chassis Early Bronco Frames.

Custom Coil-Over Suspension

  • Custom 4-Link front suspension with Trac-bar
  • Custom 4-Link rear suspension
  • 2” X.250” wall lower links
  • 1.25” Heim Joints
  • Front 10” Coil-Over shocks w/remote reservoirs
  • Rear 8.5″ Coil-Over shocks w/remote reservoirs
  • Dual rate coil over springs specific to your application
  • Custom built adjustable rate sway bars front and rear
  • Bump stops
  • 3-3.5” lift and 2” body lift for a total of 5-5.5” lift overall
  • All Grade 8 hardware
  • Sandblasted and powder coated


Fabricated Front 9-44 Hybrid / Rear 9 Inch Axle Assemblies

  • All new axle housing, 3″x.250 wall axle tubes, bearings, and seals
  • Torino-style big bearing cups (rear axle only)
  • Premium axle tube seals
  • Stock track width
  • 5×5.5 wheel pattern
  • New premium ball joints
  • Chromoly 31-spline inner axle shafts with upgraded Spicer 760 U-Joints
  • Chromoly Dana 44 outer axle shafts
  • New premium lock-outs
  • New nodular 9″ Case w/Daytona Pinion Support and gear ratio/carrier
  • Lube Locker gasket
  • 4 piston Wilwood disc brakes for 15-18” wheels
  • All new “Ultra Bend” brake lines (bronze finish)
  • Axle to caliper stainless braided brake lines
  • Frame to axle stainless braided brake lines
  • Vent tube
  • E-Brake cables installed (rear axle only)
  • Sandblasted and powder coated

1-Ton T-Style Steering

  • Custom 1-ton T-style steering with adjustable drag link and tie rod
  • New power steering box – 4 ¼ turn lock to lock
  • Steering stabilizer
  • DOT legal
  • Sandblasted and powder coated



Axle gear ratios from 4.11 to 5.13

Carrier Options

  • Open, Detroit Truetrac, ARB

Brake Options

  • Upgrades for 17” and 18” wheels
  • Smooth or drilled and slotted rotors
  • Red or black calipers

Krawlers Edge Coyote Steering Shaft Spacer

  • 5/8” spacer for clearance of steering shaft to Coyote engine valve cover

Our Coil-Over Rolling Chassis for your Early Bronco is now also available in a 4 Door extended length paired with a new 4Door Body from Dennis Carpenter! Call us or send a message to chat about this new option!

Custom Transmission Crossmembers for your application

Fuel and Brake Lines (installed)

  • 3/8 fuel pressure lines, 5/16 return lines
  • 3/16 brake lines with -3 bulkhead fittings to master cylinder
  • EFI regulator and gauge
  • Cartridge-style fuel filter

Krawlers Edge stainless steel 23 gal EFI fuel tank

  • 340 lph Aeromotive fuel pump, ISSPRO sending unit, -6 supply and return fittings
  • ISSPRO Sending unit 75-10 ohm
  • Powder coated skid plate


Early Bronco Coil-Over Rolling Chassis

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