The Rare Ford Bronco Half-Cab – “Old School Bronco Truck”

The classic Ford Bronco truck is an icon in sport utility vehicles, and none more so than the distinct Bronco Half-Cab, also known as the Bronco Sport Utility Pickup. 

This post is a deep dive into this rugged, resilient, and always-in-style vehicle. We will explore its history, and the traits that set the half-cab Ford Bronco apart, and bring you some exciting restoration ideas to give the old-school Bronco truck your personal touch.

Half Cab Early Bronco with Krawlers Edge Sport Cage Roll Cage

What is the Bronco Half-Cab?

Often referred to as an “old school Bronco truck,” the first generation of the Ford Bronco Half Cab for sale was a unique variation. It’s characterized by its distinct design, which only covers the front half of the vehicle, hence the term “half cab” or “half cab pickup.” 

This gives it the appearance of a conventional pickup truck with a truck bed, but the Bronco half cab stands out for its sport utility features, combining the benefits of both a pickup truck and an SUV into one impressive vehicle.

The Half Cab Bronco’s Years of Production

The Ford Bronco made its first appearance in 1966, with the Early Bronco Half Cab model being part of the first generation introduced that year. This special model quickly grabbed attention and made a name for itself recognized for its style, functionality, and versatile off-road capabilities.

Ford continued to make the Ford Bronco half-cab for several years, but the model’s lifespan was relatively brief. 

The last year of production for the half-cab Bronco was in 1972, marking an end to this unique chapter in Ford’s automotive history.

Production Numbers: A Rarity on Wheels

When it comes to the production of the half-cab Bronco, numbers were limited. Only 2,602 half-cabs were built in 1967, representing the highest production number in any single year. 

This limited production run has made the Ford Bronco Half Cab a unique collector’s item, a piece of automotive history that resonates with enthusiasts worldwide.

Make Your Old-School Bronco Truck Unique

Restoring a classic car like the half-cab Bronco gives you the opportunity to not only preserve a piece of history but also put your personal spin on it. Here are three unique restoration ideas:

TracTive Shock Upgraded Suspension for Half-Cab Bronco
  1. Off-Road Enhancements: One of the many things the half-cab Bronco is known for is its off-road prowess. To accentuate this, consider adding a modern chassis and advanced suspension.
  2. Interior Upgrades: While maintaining the vintage appeal, you can incorporate modern conveniences into the interior. Consider installing a new audio system, adding heated leather seats, or even putting in a GPS system and a Krawlers Edge roll bar. These upgrades can significantly enhance your comfort and driving experience and make you one happy owner.
  3. Custom Paint Job: One of the most noticeable ways to make your Bronco unique is by giving it a custom paint job. Whether you prefer a vintage look with factory colors or want to make a bold statement with a bright, contemporary color, a new paint job can make your Bronco stand out.

With its unique design and style, the Bronco Half Cab shows Ford’s innovation in the sport utility vehicle sector. Its history and characteristics make it a beloved classic and a prized possession for any collector. 

Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or new to the world of old-school Bronco trucks, there’s no denying the Half-Cab Bronco’s enduring appeal.

Ford Bronco Half-Cab Restoration

How Much Was a Half-Cab Bronco in 1966?

When the Half Cab Bronco first hit the market in 1966, it was an immediate game-changer in the sport utility vehicle sector. One aspect of the first-generation Bronco that powered its rise to prominence was its affordability. In its debut year, the total base price of the Half Cab Bronco was a modest $2,194.

However, keep in mind that the cool $2,194 in 1966 is not the same as $2,194 today. The original price tag demonstrates Ford’s commitment to providing a versatile, capable vehicle at a cost that was accessible to a wide range of customers.

In today’s vintage space, the price of a Half Cab Bronco can vary significantly based on factors such as condition, originality, and rarity and shows how much people love the brand and it can continue to be relevant today.

The Half-Cab Bronco in Popular Culture

The Ford Bronco Half Cab’s unique design and impressive capabilities not only caught the eye of car enthusiasts but also made a significant impact on popular culture. This rugged vehicle has made appearances in several films and television series, further cementing its iconic status.

It’s also worth noting that many famous personalities have owned Broncos, contributing to its popularity and desirability. Some of these cultural appearances and famous owners can help you understand the Bronco’s lasting appeal.


The Ford Bronco Half Cab represents a unique chapter in automotive history, embodying innovation, versatility, and timeless style. From its distinct design to its off-road prowess, it captured the imagination of car enthusiasts and made a lasting impact on the sport utility vehicle sector. The limited production numbers have only added to its allure, turning it into a coveted collector’s item.

Whether you’re restoring one to its former glory or simply appreciating its historical significance, the Half Cab Bronco continues to inspire with its enduring appeal. As we look towards the future, the Bronco’s legacy reminds us of the power of innovation, the importance of accessibility, and the magic of a well-crafted vehicle. Here’s to the Half-Cab Bronco – a true icon of the automotive world.

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