How Long Are Early Broncos? Classic Broncos Length & Height

Measuring around 152.1 inches in overall length, the Early Bronco was designed for agility and ease of maneuverability. 

The wheelbase was around 92 inches. 

Obviously adding a front bumper or rear bumper with a tire carrier will add to the length of your Bronco. Some front bumpers are pretty big so you can add over 20 inches to the length if you have a large front bumper with a winch. 

Even with these additions the Bronco is still going to fit in all the places you want to go! It’s such a fun truck.

Model variations from 1966 to 1977 saw slight adjustments, but the fundamental compactness remained a distinctive feature. This dimension significantly contributed to the Bronco’s appeal, offering a balance between a comfortable interior and the ability to navigate narrow trails with ease.

How long are early Broncos - Length and Heigth and Ground Clearance

Width and Height: Key Components in the Early Bronco’s Design

With a width approximately 68.8 inches and height around 71.4 inches, the Early Bronco presented a stable and commanding stance. 

Now you’ll see large tires and a lift on most Broncos you see on the road which make them a little taller than they came from the factory.

These dimensions were an important choice by Ford,  not just about aesthetic appeal; they directly influenced the vehicle’s stability and off-road capability, making it a top choice for all kinds of terrains.

1969 Classic Ford Bronco in Brown Colorway

Wheelbase and Ground Clearance: Essential for Off-Roading

The wheelbase of the Early Bronco, measuring around 92 inches, provided a good foundation for both on-road stability and off-road agility.

This is why you can see so many vintage Broncos if you ever decide to go rock crawling. People love the Bronco as their foundation!

Combined with a ground clearance that allows for significant elevation from the ground, the Bronco was made to conquer rough and uneven terrains, proving itself in off-road adventures.

Is the new Bronco bigger than the old Bronco?

When compared to modern SUVs, including the latest Bronco models, the Early Bronco is noticeably smaller. A new 2-door Ford Bronco is around 173.7 inches compared to the 152.1 of the Classic Ford Bronco.

The new 4-door Ford Bronco is 189.4 inches long.

Though Ford itself never made a vintage 4-door Bronco we’ve worked with Dennis Carpenter to build a body to go along with our vintage 4-door Bronco chassis

This size difference highlights the evolution in buyer preferences and technological advancements over the years.

While modern Broncos offer more interior space and comfort, the Early Bronco excels in its simplicity and classic good looks.

Is The New Bronco Bigger Than The Old Bronco?

Impact of Dimensions on Performance and Practicality

The compact dimensions of the Early Bronco make it exceptional off-road, enabling it to handle tight turns and narrow paths easily.

Customization and Modification: Adapting the Bronco’s Size

The Bronco’s straightforward design allows for extensive customization. We see a lot of modifications to Bronco builds, from big lifts to some people slamming them to the ground. 

You can easily change things about your Bronco for your specific purposes, such as increasing ground clearance for better off-road performance.

The Early Ford Bronco remains one of the most popular trucks all over the world and we think its size is one of the biggest reasons why!

So how long are early Broncos? They came from the factory at 152.1 inches long but now with custom 4-door classic Broncos, you can make them long enough to fit the entire family!

Want to build your own classic Ford Bronco? Start with the right foundation and build using a Kincer Chassis!

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