What is GUNIWHEEL and Why We Use Them At Kincer Chassis

At Kincer Chassis, our commitment to quality and efficiency is paramount. That’s why we’ve integrated the innovative GUNIWHEEL into our daily operations. 

If you’re asking, what is GUNIWHEEL then you’re in the right place. These unique wheels are not just tools; they are integral to how we effectively manage our vehicle projects, from custom 4WD Bronco chassis to fully-built Broncos and old Ford trucks. 

The patented universal lug pattern design of GUNIWHEEL makes them versatile for almost any vehicle, a necessity in our diverse workshop environment.

What is GUNIWHEEL and Why We Use Them at Kincer Chassis

The Design: Built for Performance

GUNIWHEEL stands out with its solid steel construction and airless polyurethane rubber tread. This durable design ensures safety and reliability, especially when mounting on various hub locations. 

The compact design is not just practical; it’s a space-saver, freeing up essential workspace around the vehicle.

It makes loading so much easier on trailers! A lot of our projects end up with bigger tires and using them lets us get trucks on and off the trailer without us having to worry about it being too wide and rubbing the tires (or the wheels!)

Specifications: Tailored for Every Need

With sizes 45S, 56, and 80, they cater to a broad spectrum of vehicles. The GUNIWHEEL 45 and 56 support loads up to 2500 lbs, while the 45S and the 80 support 3500 pounds, making them ideal for our diverse range of projects at Kincer Chassis.

Benefits in Automotive Workshops

The ability to stack them neatly on racks is great for organization. They take up way less space than normal spares that we used to use to move things around. 

Their drivability at speeds up to 5mph within the shop or lot makes moving vehicles effortless and they easily roll over obstacles which makes for smooth operation in our workshop conditions.

How We Use Them at Kincer Chassis: A Case Study in Efficiency

Incorporating them into our workflow at Kincer Chassis has transformed how we handle vehicle mobility. 

From the ease of moving chassis to the convenience of loading complete builds onto trailers for our customers, GUNIWHEEL has been a game-changer. 

This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the safety of our operations.

Price and Availability

The investment in GUNIWHEEL is a value-added decision for anyone with an automotive project. 

With prices starting at around $719.99 for a set of four GUNIWHEEL 56 and $899.99 for the GUNIWHEEL 80, they offer significant returns in terms of efficiency and just quality of life for the guys in the shop. They also come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty!

How We Use GUNIWHEEL at Kincer Chassis

Build Your Chassis with Kincer Chassis

If you’re looking to build an Early Bronco or convert your classic Ford truck from 2WD to 4WD then we want you to experience the efficiency and quality of Kincer Chassis. 

Contact us to start building your chassis with a team that values innovation and precision in every project.

Moving Forward with GUNIWHEEL

At Kincer Chassis, GUNIWHEEL has become an indispensable part of our operations. 

We believe in using tools that enhance our efficiency and safety, and GUNIWHEEL fits this philosophy perfectly. 

Join us in embracing this innovative solution for all your automotive project needs​.


What are GUNIWHEELs used for?

GUNIWHEELs are universal bolt and lug pattern wheels designed to safely mount and move any vehicle with missing or damaged tires. They are invaluable in automotive workshops for facilitating the movement of project vehicles, especially during restoration, maintenance, or when traditional wheels are not available.

How can I move my project vehicle around the shop?

GUNIWHEELs offer an ideal solution for moving project vehicles around the shop. They can be easily mounted onto your vehicle, allowing it to be moved at speeds of up to 5mph. This functionality is especially useful for maneuvering vehicles in tight workshop spaces or over various surfaces.

Can GUNIWHEEL fit any vehicle?

Yes, its universal design fits most vehicles.

Is it safe for all hub locations?

Absolutely, the design ensures safe installation on any hub.

How fast can a vehicle move on GUNIWHEEL?

Up to 5mph, making it ideal for workshop and lot use.

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